I'm climbing against climate poverty!

Olivier Vos
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As owner of a coffee bar and lover of coffee I feel the responsibility I have to make sure that what I sell and drink is fair. Fair for the coffee farmer for the work he or she put into producing this wonderful product and fair for the planet we live on. Right now these farmers face extreme challenges because of the climate changes which are happening right now; Extreme drought. Heavy rainfall. Pests and diseases. This makes their harvest unpredictable and their futures unsure. Without help these small farmers will fall victim to the way we are threating our planet right now!!

We can help them by always offering a fair price for their product, but also with extra investments into their farms to increase their knowledge and make them more sustainable. For this more money is needed!!!

They are going through extreme conditions now so I will go to through extreme conditions for them too. Help me and make a contribution for sustainable coffee and a living wage for the makers of our coffee!!


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