Climbing for climate justice

Kevin Helfer
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🧗 On 4 November, I will take on the extreme challenge of a climbing marathon to raise money for small coffee farmers in developing countries who face extreme climate challenges. Extreme drought. Heavy rainfall. Pests and diseases. The harvest is therefore very unpredictable. The result: extreme poverty and a very uncertain future. Without help, small farmers will continue to be climate victims.

By climbing for 12 hours, my team and I want to raise money to turn these climate victims into climate heroes. Because there is a solution: we can plant trees together with the farmers, store CO2 and increase their income.

With your donation, we can get to a win-win-win-win situation:
☀️ The trees strengthen the fertile soil and give shade so that the harvest and income of the farmer families are secured even with more weather extremes.
🌴 The trees take CO2 out of the air, which slows down climate change and provides extra income for the farmers via emissions trading.
☕ Coffee remains affordable for you.
😃 I have fun climbing all day.

I would be very happy if you would support this cause with a donation. Any amount is welcome!

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